Center of Excellence

We Focus On Our Clients Success.

Organizations who invest in a strong CoE experience twice the implementation success factor and experience measurable improvements outlined in their Business Case once they Go-Live. Intercept Consulting can assist you in establishing an effective CoE. We will focus on excellence in delivery, innovation, process improvements, knowledge management & technical competency.


We will assist you in creating a CoE structured along two dimensions: Business Processes & Technology (SAP, Oracle and Microsoft). The Business Process solution drives Industry Best Practice effectiveness combined with your Organization’s industry differentiators that will evolve into effective and efficient business processes that produce repeatable success across your entire organization. The Technology CoE delivers application and database controls and governance to support long term value, reduced customizations, strong internal knowledge and reduce cost.



CoE Requirements.

  • Executive sponsorship
  • Multi-year funding at the highest level of
    the organization
  • Establish a governing body and
    methodology independent of technology

    • Processes controls
    • Data
    • Terms and definitions
  • Establish a technical implementation,
    upgrade and support methodology.

    • Controls, Processes, Standards and Templates
    • Best practices rules
    • Approval process
    • Integration alignment
  • Co-located expertise with defined roles and responsibilities
    • Business and technical support
    • Practical and visionary
    • Project management and/or oversight