Contract Management

Contract Management is more than a big discount.

Intercept Consulting has over 25 years of experience negotiating new contracts, renewals, and compliance issues for both small and global clients, saving them millions of dollars in initial purchasing cost, over $150M in compliance and multi-millions of dollars in long term cost. Our co-founder, Jerry Freeman, is an active speaker at IBSMA, Oracle World, Microsoft, Oracle and other groups regarding our approach. We can help you for only a percentage of what we save you, plus expenses, so the risk is ours.


Our ability to obtain epic size discounts and to reduce your long-term support cost is only dwarfed by our ability to incorporate growth and flexibility (headroom) in your agreements. Combining headroom and the implementation of a formal contract management group within your organization will reduce your risk of future compliance issues, improve your client to vendor relationship and will result in saving you millions of dollars in unbudgeted penalties, license purchases and reinstatement fees.


We were the first to negotiate a Limited Unlimited Reset in the USA with SAP, saving our client over $147M in licensing cost, reduced support percentage and unlimited growth for 4 years. It is not uncommon for us to obtain 80%-91% discounts from Oracle, Infor, Microsoft and other major software vendors and restructure existing agreements to support your growth or reduction requirements.


Compliance Negotiations

Vendor Management Structure