SAP Solutions

Integrating your business applications with SAP using Industry Preconfigured functionality will improve your Business Case Benefits and eliminate the risk and issues that can be challenging and complex to your deployment providing better insights and more control within your operations.


We have the global resources, technical expertise and insight to ensure positive returns on your SAP investment. Leveraging our Program Management and SAP implementation methodology, we can assist you in implementing, integrating, testing and maintaining your SAP solution regionally or globally.


Finding The Right SAP Solution.


SAP has created industry specific solutions that combine proven SAP technology and Industry Best Practice (IBP) processing. Intercept will assists you in determining the right combination of SAP’s technology and IBPs to ensure you are successful, we reduce your risk in a cost effective manner.


SAP Upgrades.


Deciding to undertake an SAP system upgrade can be critical business and emotional decision for your organization. Why? The upgrade path is lined with unknown cost, challenges and anxiety. Intercept can quickly assess your business processes; environments; and customizations to assess the true impact and cost of your upgrade.


For a comprehensive evaluation regarding your SAP implementation and upgrade contact Intercept Consulting.